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I am a Senior Yoga Teacher from Yoga Alliance. I teach traditional Himalayan Hatha Yoga which I learned from my master Yogi Ashokananda.

My introduction to yoga started after the birth of my second child. And from the first time it was a big surprise how much better and happier I felt after yoga. I started to read and learn about this ancient system and realized that it is a great philosophy and source of wisdom. However, everybody can gain something beneficial from Yoga, independently of religion, age, gender and physical condition. Yoga helps one to find balance and stability in our fast and changing environment. It is an essential ingredient of my happiness and I apply its principals in every aspect of my life: professional career, family, children and friends. Through Hatha Yoga one learns to understand one’s body and inner nature as well as be attentive and understanding towards others. The wisdom of Yoga supports me in difficult moments and highlights the beauty of everyday life.

Based on my experience and the experience of other women like me, I realized that it is difficult to find time and money, to give attention to yourself and to your health. Yoga training is ideal for working women because you can practice it at home or in the park, you do not need special sport equipment for it, it is natural like your body and has a great effect on your well being. To get most of yoga practice and not to harm yourself it is important to learn the alignment and principals of yoga from the beginning. Many people think that yoga is boring and constitutes a slow sequence of very difficult movements: this is simply a prejudice that stops people experiencing Yoga. Himalayan Hatha Yoga is a fluid sequence of postures, with great attention to breathing, active engagement of every part of body, energy flow and alignment of the body. It can be adapted to different types of personality and physical conditions. Regular practice will help you to strengthen and improve flexibility of your body, release tension and bring more stability and clarity to your mind.

I am very glad that I had chance to learn this style from great master of Yoga and Meditation Yogi Ashokananda.

Most important thing which I learned is that Teaching of Yoga or Mediation requires stability, openness and capacity to shear energy and love with others which is only possible if one is connected with himself. Teaching Yoga motivated me to improve, to free myself from false projections which I got about myself in life. Regular practice of Yoga, Meditation and self-study helped to find my inner truth and essential internal freedom, stability and energy which I try to transmit to others during lessons.

​​​Now I understand that  a journey of yoga teaching starts from self-study and self-connection. There is no such thing as teaching yoga but sharing your love and helping other people find their true self. “As soon as you say I am a Yoga Teacher you put yourself above others and this act itself brings you further away from yoga” - Yogi Ashokananda. Basically, anything what you do from your heart to help people is yoga teaching. We all do it as we can, somebody helps his friends, elderly parents, somebody spends Christmas night helping homeless people. When I meet these people, they teach me yoga more than anatomy manual or asana book. 

Constant self-development, connection to yourself and kindness, this is what important to start journey of yoga teaching.

LIVE On-line Classes with teacher

Himalayan Hatha Yoga Beginners level

 Moderate intensity slow sequence based on traditional Hatha Yoga style adapted for people with sedentary stile of living. Accessible for complete beginners, improves will also benefit by strengthening  their core, improving flexibility and stability of al body and mind. We use Pranayama and relaxation at the end of the class which have profound healing effect on all body. People are encourage to tell any physical problems so that the class is focused on improving those conditions. Regular classes with different timeslots allows people to experience benefits and improve their chronic conditions.

All classes can be attended in private studio or via zoom. For LIVE session advance bookings are required to ensure availability of the place

Strong Beginners Hatha Flow

Mon 4:00pm - 5:00pm

Fri 4:30pm - 5:30pm

Thu - 5:45 pm - 6:45pm

Strong Morning Flaw (improves, mixed level)

Sat 10:30-11:30 pm (advance booking)

Gentle Evening Kriya Yoga and Hatha Yoga:

Mon/Tuesday/Wed 6:30-7:30 pm

Restorative - Fri 5:30pm (55 min)

Group Yoga Therapy class - Tu, Fri 9:30 am

This a very gentle practice of Pranayma/ Yoga Nidra or Restorative Asana Practice for people with serious chronical conditions

Gentle Hatha Flaw 

Slow and gentle sequenced focused on internal body alignment and breath,

accessible for beginners, focused on breath and body awareness. Improves strength and flexibility of a body.

Strong Morning Flaw for beginners

Morning Practice simulate energy rise, metabolism and awakening all body. One can feel more clarity and strength after the class. This class is also more simulative for increasing flexibility, some advanced postures will be approached gradually

Chandra Yoga

Chandra Flaw is an evening practice, focused on relaxing tension, calming mind. mostly focused on siting and calming postures which improve flexibility of all body and purifies energetic channels.

Friday Restorative Yoga 5:30 pm 

Practice of deep relaxation, aim to restore energy, restore natural alignment of the body and bring sense of deep peace and profound rest after the class. Excellent finish of the working week

Other time slots are available on demand for small groups of 3 people.

Himalayan Hatha Yoga Practice - Yoga Therapy

Gentle somatic practice to facilitate recovery after injury or reduce inflammation or chronic pain.

Available only for private 1-1 sessions or small groups.

Meditation for beginners

Atma-Kriya Meditation for beginners, experienced teacher will help you to enjoy this practice and connect with yourself on a deeper level.

Available only for advance booking.

Pranayama  - daily morning meditation

We practice together Pranayama under the guidance of an experienced teacher. You can ask questions and share your experience after the class.

Available only for people taking Yoga Therapy.

Monthly Workshops on body alignment

We go through different postures to understand how to practice correctly and avoid injuries learning safely alignments. Some workshops will be focused on how to build your self-practice and how to practice Yoga beyond the physical level.

Last Friday of month, 4pm, available for subscribed clients

Hatha Flow for complete Beginners - Private group class on request for 3 participants

This class will help to start practicing Yoga for complete beginners without any prior experience in Yoga. We learn basic alignments and start practicing with the confidence in the beginners group. We will go slowly and thoroughly to every posture of a very gentle sequence, learn how to practice safely, how to adapt the practice for your own abilities and gradually build the strength to move to the group class.

Please contact if you are interested.

Yoga for Seniors / Chiar Yoga

This practice is totally standing or on the chair if person can not stand. Gentle practice to bring mobility to body.

Available for advanced booking only

All Classes are for beginners under carful supervision of a Senior Yoga Teacher. They are strong classes but affordable for beginners, at the same time can be challenging for improves level. Each person learns how to listen to his body and adjust the posture according to his limits and physical conditions. The class is constructed as a well-designed sequence, the main focus is given to breath awareness, internal body alignment and intention of movement. Big attention is given not only to asanas but also to transition from one asana to another. We use elements of pranayama, kriya yoga and meditation during the class to get the best benefit from the yoga practice and learn to use these techniques outside of class when we need to focus or to calm our mind or get emotional stability. Best practice is a regular practice, that is why we learn as well as simple safe sequences and principals of safe practice which enables to practice Yoga at home.

Private on-line classes

Dillaro continues to study in the field of Yoga Therapy and provides private classes tailored to the specific needs of a person, his physical conditions and personality. Private classes are very good way to start your practice of Yoga or bring it to another level. Private class constructed as a combination of Hatha Yoga sequence, Pranayama and Meditation.

Recovery after Injury

Followed the session with Able Physio we can help you to develop and adapt your personal practice if you had any serious injuries in the recent past. For more details on Able Physiotherapy all other Physiotherapy services provided by Able Clinique please visit https://www.ablephysiotherapy.co.uk/

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"After many years trying to find the right yoga and teacher for me I found Dillaro. Practising yoga with this wonderful woman has had a profound impact on my life. My husband and I attend virtually as many times as we can in the week. For the first time in our lives we are enjoying yoga. Dillaro is a committed Yogi. Her passion for her talent to teach yoga is evident in every class. Even though we have not seen her face to face in over a year she can deeply connect with us as she teaches her classes on line. Dillaro's yoga classes give me a clear vision, an hour of peace in the chaos of life. I find myself being more positive, calm and content.
Thank you Dillaro... please don't ever stop these classes."
Bhavana A.
“Great online yoga live classes. I am able to participate every day during the week. Dillaro notices everything and correct our posts for the maximum benefit of my body. I’ve only practiced for 6 months, already noticed increased core strength and improved balance. I particularly love the ending gratitude practice that often moves me to tears. I will recommend Dillaro yoga. Lily G from London"
Lily G.
"If you want a companion and friend in your yoga journey, I can think of no-one better than Dillaro. Dillaro has a deep love and interest in yoga and all of the physical, psychological and spiritual benefits that it offers. She has learned from many physical and spiritual teachings and brings them to her yoga. She has the experience to know what is helpful for different students, and for others what may even be harmful. She knows that she is not in a class to teach from the front but to help her students to learn – to understand their bodies better and to find their own inner wisdom and intelligence. Dillaro includes  some very helpful deep relaxation methods in her classes, and does it knowledgeably and lightly. Dillaro is always present in her teaching, sharing in the yoga experience and not reading from a script like so many yoga teachers. I highly recommend Dillaro. "
Koy T.
"I have been attending Dillaro's yoga classes online for several months now and have seen great improvement in my flexibility, strength, and posture. Dillaro provides classes that focus not only on the physical aspects of yoga, but on the breathing and mental aspects as well, which I have found truly beneficial. She is a wonderful yoga teacher. I look forward to her classes every week. "
Amanda Z. USA
"Dillaro strikes a perfect balance in her classes between the physical and the mental aspects of yoga. Dillaro's yoga classes are always challenging, yet one is never made to feel inadequate as she praises, encourages and celebrates what the individual is able to achieve, regardless of whether or not it is ‘perfect’. Dillaro, as a teacher, has a quiet, calm approach which inspires confidence. Dillaro explanations are clear and concise. She combines teaching strategies which ensure that her classes are a success: she models what she expects us to learn and provides opportunity for the practice of new skills. Thank you Dillaro!! "
Kay L.
"I know Dillaro since October 2016, she is my first Yoga teacher and I still enjoy every her lesson. We become good friends and thank’ s to her teaching I have better understanding of Yoga and love to practice it more and more"
Kristine B.
"I have been learning Yoga with Dillaro since 2013. Her teaching style is exceptional, as she is able to teach Yoga to any student with different abilities and preparation, incorporate in the lessons both practice of Asanas and Meditation. As a person she is clearly committed to teaching of highest standards and integrity " 
Siew F C.

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