Who needs private class and why? In many cases, people come and are able to adapt the practice to their own body and conditions. But sometimes people feel inadequate, confused or not comfortable and do not come back. However, any practice could be adapted to each individual conditions with just a little bit more guidance from the teacher. It is not easy to do it in the class because all people need to receive attention and they can not stay in one posture and wait until the teacher adjust one person. Sometimes I ask to come early in the class to make few corrections, but it is not enough and that is why can’t bring full benefit to the participants. That is why I suggest to have a private class with me for complete beginners in order to start enjoyable and beneficial practice. If a person does not enjoy each posture it is not easy to practice, there should be some kind of pleasant factor in the practice.

We can adjust the pace, strength and intensity of the practice during the private session and I can show how to do it in the group lesson. We can adjust the level of difficulty by applying a different variation of the posture which is appropriate for a particular body. We can adjust the focus, it could be on breath, internal awareness, stability, internal space, the release of tension, correction of alignment or pain avoidance strategy. All this could be adjusted during the private session, which is not to be confused with Yoga Therapy session. I can explain what is the difference between Yoga Therapy and a private session in another article.

The private class could be also beneficial for improver as well. It allows to improve his personal practice. I would really recommend to anybody to take private class to see how to solve many challenges and see other dimensions of Yoga Practice which could not be captured in the group session. I know people who attended Yoga Teacher Training in order to improve they own personal practice, but it is very costly in terms of money and time, and still, the Teacher Training is done the group, not to individual person. However few periodic private session with an experienced teacher would bring a person to another level of self-practice.